Triangulated 4-bar rear suspension system.
Current applications - 67-76 A-body, 71-72 B-body, 70-74 E-body


The Street-Lynx suspension system is a simple, yet highly effective design, using parallel lower links in place of your leaf springs, triangulated upper links attached to a weld-in crossmember, and a pair of adjustable coil-overs. The shocks are mounted ahead of the axle, allowing use of the stock gas tank, and the upper links are located to allow TTI's bolt-in 2.5" tailpipes, without cutting the floor of the car. The upper crossbar is located with two existing screw-holes in the car, and is then welded in place. No technical measuring is required. The lower links attach to the axle with u-bolts, in place of the leaf springs. The front of the lower links also have the same dimension as leaf springs, so the system will bolt in at the stock leaf spring location, or, if the MP inboard spring relocation is used, the lower links will bolt in that location as well, making the system easy to use regardless of spring location, and easily adaptable to your existing configuration.
As shown below, the system can be had with double-adjustable links and chome-moly, teflon lined road ends, or with more streetable and longer-lasting bushing-style links.
It can also be outfitted with either coil-overs or air ride. Both options are no additional charge, and simply your choice when ordering.
The ride height is adjusted using the adjustable shocks and the lower shock mount. 4" of height adjustment is standard, with a shorter shock available for extra-low ride heights, such as with cars that have a low stance and large diameter rear tires.

Please note, if a Dana 60 axle is used in an a-body, the upper link location is futher outboard, making tailpipes over the axle impossible. When ordering, you'll need to specify which axle you'll be using.



Systems are $1795, your choice of rod end or bushing links.